The Australian company Canva has developed a web-based graphic design program that is so easy to use that even non-designers can create professional graphics without having to familiarize themselves with complex editing software. Canva comes in two versions.

Canva Basic is the free version of this brilliant editing software. It features thousands of templates, over 100 design kinds (such as social media posts, presentations, and letters), as well as a large collection of royalty-free photos and graphics. The free version is ideal for modest design tasks, but it is severely limited in scope, making it less appropriate for brands, creative teams, and small enterprises.

Canva Pro is the premium version with many additional tool functions, templates, photos, graphics and fonts. Canva Pro is particularly aimed at companies, teams, non-profit organizations, educational institutions and of course also at individuals who want to create creative and professional visual content in a short time and with ease.

Canva Pro benefits:

Simplicity – What sets Canva apart from other graphic design and image editing tools is its ease of use. That was also the basic idea of the developers: a design program that is easy to understand and use and which you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about and familiarizing yourself with. Canva is for non-designers, newbie designers, start-ups, small businesses, sole proprietorships – just anyone who needs professional design without much knowledge of media design.

Canva layout – Canva has a clearly structured layout, with a central workspace and a grid of options arranged on the left or at the top of the screen. Most tools can be easily used by drag and drop. The options offered are somehow intuitively arranged so that templates, formats, media and graphic elements can be found quickly.

Mobile version – The Canva mobile app allows you to work with Canva on your iPad or tablet and smartphone without affecting the quality of the final design.

Many users report that it took them little time to familiarize themselves with Canva’s functions and get right to designing. This simplicity is in contrast to other design software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, whose use requires a certain amount of specialist knowledge and training.

Canva Pro features:

Canva Pro – Custom Templates & Background.
Removal With Canva Pro, you get two great features not included in the free version.

Branded templates
With this function you can turn any of your designs into a reusable template.

Background removal
With this function you can easily remove the background of an image and you can easily export certain image elements with a transparent background.

Canva Pro – Full Access to Canva Media Database.
With Canva Pro, you have full access to thousands of professional media including royalty-free stock photos, graphics, shapes, symbols, video and fonts. Under the license from Canva, you can even use the following media commercially (license-free for one-time use).

100+ million premium stock photos, graphics and videos.

Over 610,000 premium templates (social media graphics, flyers, business cards, etc.)
And you can use all of these files in your workspace or in your designs with just a few clicks and by dragging and dropping them from the menu bar. As simple as that!

Canva Pro: Add.

Team Members With Canva Pro, you can even collaborate with a team by adding team members to your account and granting access to individual features and designs. It’s great that this multi-user access is already included in the Canva subscription. Most photo agencies only offer this option at an additional cost.

Canva Pro – One-click branding kit for brand identity.

What makes Canva Pro particularly interesting for businesses is the branding kit, which allows you to set up your visual brands in terms of logos, colors and fonts, store them once and then with just one click into each new one Design that you can create, insert. The Branding Kit feature is extremely useful because it allows you to easily create visual content that you want your brand to appear in without spending a lot of time. This is especially true when you’re working on a team where different people are constantly creating designs related to the same brand.

Canva Pro – Publish Publications.

Easily Canva Pro includes a useful publishing tool. The Magic Resize feature instantly resizes your design to fit the media you have chosen for publication. Canva Pro offers preset sizes for each relevant social media platform, as well as a custom setting that you can set up to suit your needs. With the publish wizard, you can quickly resize your design and instantly send it to the media channels you have defined. (By the way, you can connect Canva Pro to your social networks.).

Canva Pro – Storage Space.
Almost unlimited storage space for your designs Instead of 1 GB and 2 folders in the free version, with Canva Pro you get 100 GB and an unlimited number of folders. There are no problems with saving and accessing your graphics.

Canva Pro – Commercial Use for Stock Media
Most use Canva Pro to create images for social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), websites, online ads, and print media. The legitimate question is: Can the stock photos, fonts and design elements made available by Canva be used safely, even commercially?

Yes, you can.
Canva’s stock images and design elements are all royalty-free, meaning that if you pay a royalty-free license fee (with Canva Pro, your monthly fee covers unlimited licenses), you can use the images forever and for commercial purposes such as marketing and advertising to use.
Please note the following restrictions: License for one-time use . The image or element is royalty free. But the use is still limited to one project. That said, if you are using an image in a social media graphic, that is your only use. If you want to use the same image again in another graphic, you have to download the image again (and license it for a fee).
Multiple use license – The image or element is royalty free and you can use the image several times and in different media.